Oregon now has two packs of wolves living within it’s borders, both in Wallowa County. They are the Imnaha Pack, which frequent the Eastern and Eagle Cap Wilderness areas of Wallowa County, and the Wenaha Pack, which resides mainly in the Wenaha Wilderness in the Northwestern area of the county. Most of the livestock issues have been with the Imnaha Pack. These 22 wolves are the first to take up residency in Oregon since their extermination in the mid 20th Century.

This is a photo essay originally shot as an assignment for “1859- Oregon’s Magazine”, (which published 7 of these images as part of a story entitled “Wolves of the Wallowas” in the Fall 2010 issue). It’s about the return of wolves to Oregon, and the ensuing conflict between protecting them, and the interests of livestock growers. The focus of this story is about the human interest of the issue more than anything.

This blog is my personal selection of favorites shot in the course of the assignment, (and most of the editing pool from which the editor and art director of 1859 chose the published images for “Wolves Vs. Ranchers”, which I will notate as “published”). There are a few posts that are multiple images from the same scenarios because this is from an ‘editors album’, and not every image was intended to be published, however I wanted to provide a variety of angles/options for important subjects. A good portion of the images of this blog could be considered “outtakes”, so I apologize if it seems repetitive, as 42 images here translates to 7 on print! (Tell me which 7 you’d pick! I’d love to hear!)


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